Chelsea College of Arts Exhibition
Dotty Coffee
The Hand of Creation
Gorey Girl
Scary Spookster
Black Like My Soul
Full of Shit
Jeff Learns to Fly
Bite Me
Jeff Studies for Finals
Microsoft's Apology
Intense Eater
Saturday Nights
Pet Peeves
Spinny Chair
Jeff's a Model
Losing Focus
Cigarette Girl
The Oldest New Order
Egg of Life
Seed of Life
Flower of Life
Mandlebrot Approximation
Pillars of Crea-kaKAW
Julia's Approximation
High Renais-Sheep
"I Don't Cari-bout Early Renaissance Stuff"
Light and Bone Study: Charcoal Contrast
Growth and Decay
"Wall, I'm Ok I Guess" (pt 1)
"Wall, I'm Doing Ok I Guess" (pt 2)
"Wall, I'm Doing Ok I Guess" (pt 3)
Biological Clock (2)
Biological Clock (1)
Creation of Adam a la Stewart Helm
"Is it Supposed to Bend Like That?"
Butterly Nebula (NGC 6302)
Harris Spiral
Token Pop Song
Light and Fluffy on the Inside
On Your Knees
"Is this Upside-Down?"
Copper Monogram
Under Pressure
Experiment in Obsessive Compulsion
"I Think it's Genetic"
Deep Breaths
Wow ZeDong
Kim Jong Fun
Kim Jong Thrill
"I've Got Your Back" (2)
"I've Got Your Back" (1)
Beehive Ginger
Sheer Lunar-cy
What a Fungi
Connective Tissue
"I Feel a Little Warm"
Ride 'Em, Cowboy
"Is There Something on My Face?"
"I Got the Last One, it's Your Turn"
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